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Couple of the Year

Couple of the Year - 2017

Rick and Pat Kendrick


Rick was born and raised in the Los Angeles area of California.  Growing up in California provided many opportunities to pursue his interests in camping, going to the beach, surfing and motorcycling.  From elementary school through college, Rick also pursued his interest in music, playing percussion in school and other bands.

Rick is a retired licensed architect emeritus.  His career was predominately in the Air Force, serving four years of active duty and twenty-seven years as an S.F. and Army civilian architect.

Pat was born in Tacoma, Washington and has also lived in Arizona, California and in Texas since 1969.  She was a “tomboy” and athlete her whole life.  At one school she was chosen “Athlete of the Year”. 

Pat retired after thirty-five years of employment.  Twenty-six of those years were in education serving as a teacher, and a campus and central office level administrator.

We have known each other for fifty-seven years and been married for forty-eight years.  Rick and Pat’s brother were in the same homeroom in high school.  They shared many adventures on their Vespa and Cushman motor scooters.

We have two daughters, Corene and Terrissa, and a surrogate son-in-law, Tim.  One of our daughters is our biological child and one was a severely neglected child we adopted when she was four and a half years old.  Pat is a past president of the Council on Adoptable Children and worked to help find adoptive homes for “hard to place” children.  Our family was featured on two local TV networks one year for National Adoption month.

We have lived in Windcrest for nearly forty years and are active in “Light-Up”, clubs, civic committees and community outreach programs.

Volunteerism has always been a part of our lives and we involved our daughters in volunteer activities as well.  Pat currently finds great satisfaction and joy in volunteering at our local elementary and middle school.

Rick – “Mr. Industrious” always has a repair or project to work on both domestically and in other areas.

Travel has always been a major enjoyment in our lives.  We managed to get our daughters to all but a few of the fifty states before graduation from high school.  We continue to travel the U.S. and Canada by motorcycle and car.  Hiking and rafting the Grand Canyon twice is one of the high points in our American adventures.  We intend to do it again for our 50th wedding anniversary.

During our married life we have taken numerous foreign trips, increasing the frequency of these trips since we retired.  We have been to every continent on earth and innumerable countries.  We would still like to tour Europe by motorcycle.

We wish to say: “we love each other, we love our family and friends, and we love life.”  We believe: “Life is what you make it and what you make it is up to you.”

Past Couples of the Year

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